Why is Madagascar so special ?

UNIQUE is the most used adjective that visitors have in mind when they came to see this island. Its fauna and flora are distinguished by their endemism.
This fact makes its biodiversity one of the most important country on the planet.
Its traditions and culture are very complex but interesting to learn about.
This island has a diversity of habitats and associated flora : Rainforest in the east, dry deciduous forest in the north and the spiny forest in the south.
Along with swamps and mountain tops with different rock formations ( The TSINGY of BEMARAHA, the sandstone massif of ISALO,and granitic mountain of ANDRINGITRA). MADAGASCAR offers you :

Your Malagasy Personal Tour Guide!

Do you want to visit Madagascar, but aren't sure about how to optimize your chance of exploring the country according to the amount of time you plan to spend there?

How do you find a reliable and very experienced private tour guide who can help you to arrange your Madagascar trip within the time/budget limits you have?

It is always very tempting to think that do-it-yourself is the best and cheapest way to organise such a trip.
Madagascar is a large and diverse country with much to offer any traveller.
Trying to arrange your Madagascar tour from what a guide book recommends can be helpful, but very limiting in terms of actual logistics once you are on the ground in Madagascar.
Arranging lodging, domestic flights, park permits and guides and the latest information on wildlife and cultural events can take a great deal of time and unexpected expense.

The best way to visit Madagascar is no doubt to organise it through a local :
My Name is FANOMEZANTSOA ANDRIANIRINA , but you may call me Fano!

  • I am very familiar with how things should best be arranged here.
  • I can show you the different aspects of life in Madagascar and tell you the complexities of its cultures.
  • I have travelled extensively throughout the country and I am intimately familiar with people.
  • I offers you a friendly and personalised service.
  • I am able to choose the best hotels, sites and transportation which suit your particular taste, budget and interests.
  • I have years of experience guiding professional birders and knows the flora and fauna of the entire country.
You just let me know your interests and I can organise your trip.

I can offer you the same itinerary in many cases, the same lodges and wildlife, as a larger Madagascar tour operator but I can tailor the tour to suits your personal requests as well.
All of this at a reasonable price!
I offer privately guided trips in Madagascar at any time of year, for any length of time.
I will help arrange all ground operations and the advance booking of flights, lodgings, vehicle rentals, etc. as you wish me to do.
I can draw up for you a tailor-made trip on any region or subject matter you want to explore, see or photograph ,birdwatching tour, family hollidays, honeymoon trip, river trip , wildlife viewing and culture.

You will have a very personalised service and customized tour which will give you a worry-free Madagascar travel.
Just tell me what you aim to do and I will provide you all the details necessary to realize your ideal tour.

With Best Wishes