vendredi 27 août 2010

Crossing the Indri Lemur

The Indri the largest of all lemurs is one of the"must" to be seen of Madagascar. For those who had the opportunity to hear its call while they went for a visit at Perinet-Mantadia national park had the best sounds of the forest and would bring home one of a good souvenir of their trip to Madagascar.

Lavy, my son

Lavy, my son, want his picture taken next to a dancing Sifaka from our visit at Perinet-Mantadia. The kids will enjoy more to see real lemur than in the movie as they are so friendly..

mardi 17 août 2010

L'Artamie de chabert au lac Tsimanampetsotsa

Image rare au cours d'une expédition menée avec une équipe d'universitaires de l'Université de Turin au lac Tsimanampetsotsa : l'Artamie de chabert.