dimanche 13 septembre 2009

From USA

A friend and I spent a week with 'Fano' as our guide traveling all around central and southern Madagascar looking for birds, wildlife and culture. I have traveled independently in 120 countries and Fano turned out to be one of the very best guides/companions ever! He was fluent in Malagasi, German, French and his English was excellent! He seemed to know everyone wherever we went, and was extremely knowledgeable about the customs and wildlife - with an excellent eye for spotting birds and small reptiles that we missed. Moreover, and perhaps the most memorable part of the experience, was Fano's personality - he was always helpful, considerate, sensitive to our different personalities and, most importantly, always FUN! He understood the subtlties of jokes and humor and felt like a long-lasting friend after our one week. I can only give Fano the highest recommendation possible - as a human being, as a guide and as an expert on the flora and fauna of Madagascar. I would, of course, be happy to respond to anyone's further questions re my experience with Fano in Madagascar.
Al Lunemann, Coupeville, WA, USA, techno-man@coupeville.net